Our additional services: Satanic baptism, Satanic confirmations, Satanic weddings, funerals or funerals after arrangement.

Important Information:

We understand us as a non-Christian organization / association. We criticize Christianity and reject it explicitly. At the same time, we distance ourselves from all illegal acts against Christians and Christian institutions.

We do not need advertising or the posting of colorful pictures or any copied satanic masses. We are real. In what we believe, in how we live and in how we give ourselves. Also, we do not copy any lessons. You will see the truth in the first few units. Because the truth will set you free. Satan is the god of wisdom, wealth and power. Come, see and win! Enjoy the pleasure of evil.

We are not a Facebook Group or a dating portal. We are real and celebrate regular black masses and more. You have to be a active member. Think befor you apply.

What does evil = live mean?

This is he first magic key. He serves for your liberation and for your restoration. We call it re-conditioning, a way to get rid of old and wrong behavioral patterns. You have been fed with wrong values ​​since your birth, which stand in the way of your free development. There was a careless attempt at anti-authoritarian education, but that was not practicable in this way.

The conversion of Christian values ​​is thus freely practiced and constantly trained. The sexual behavior is returned to the natural animal instinct and the social behavior is strengthened again, so you do not hold out the cheek.

But this is just the beginning of a long journey. Become a god, guided by the power of darkness. Enjoy your power and superiority, learn sexual magic, magic and the mastery of elementary. Because if you only believe, you will not only move mountains but you will have the Universe open.

Lucifer the Lightbringer and the Lord of Wisdom will accompany you. What are you waiting for?


This is a German-English order for the teaching of Gnostic Satanism. That is, we worship Satan and Lucifer. To find out more, use the contact form.

We are a church and Study group, meaning we value the study of our satanic teaching. But we also meet regularly at black masses in our temple.

No compulsion, as a seeker or newcomer no obligations.


Do what you want, that's your beginning. You are a god, that is the goal, which only a few achieve.

We understand and practice the dark teaching as it is, with the confession that Satanism is practiced on individual self-development - both in the real and in the occult world - and that only through hard, long, sometimes dangerous and laborious ones Experience can be achieved. That is why we are ready to learn and worship the Lord of evil, SATAN.

We also have access to a creativity that guides us and communicates an understanding that makes all other manifestations pale in insignificance.

So it is not surprising that Satanism has always been so influential in the past. We will constantly grow as Satan's German / English Church.

Bildungswerk oll Salomon